Our clinic offers a  Comprehensive Diagnostics test for Genitourinary Tract Infection (GUTI) in women and Prostatitis for men.
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     Prostatitis treatment could be easy, moderately complicated or frustratingly difficult. It is important to diagnose Prostatitis early on and be able to get the proper and adequate treatment from the onset.

    Prostatic Massage has been the principal therapy for Prostatitis since the turn of the 20th century (Campbell's Urology, 2002). This was validated by Dr. Sta. Cruz' experience in doing Prostate Massage in his patients and Prostate Massage is the best thing that ever happened in the treatment of Prostatitis.
Our Prostatitis Treatment Protocol:
  • Prostate Massage is the key to the treatment of Prostatitis. Thus, this entails doing thrice weekly Prostate Massage with serial White Blood Cell (WBC) monitoring of the Prostate Fluid per visit coupled with Culture-based antibiotic regimen  for an average period of 6-8weeks or until condition fully resolves.
  • Ideally sexual partner/s of patients should be simultaneously treated with the same antibiotic that is based on the result of their collective Culture & Sensitivity test that has been done. Otherwise, a Patient under treatment or already treated should avoid sexual contact with his partner to avoid reinfection until she has been completely treated with the same medication and she has been cleared with the same standard of test of cure as her partner.    
  • Repeat Chlamydia testings through Immunofluorescence Microscopy (Direct Fluorescence Antibody) for Quantitative monitoring of Chlamydia elementary bodies to determine the effectiveness of the antibiotic regimen.
  • Repeat Culture and Sensitivity testing for previously positive organisms to confirm whether the initial dominant causative organism has been eradicated (test of cure).
  • Culture and Sensitivity for yeast infection and a culminating anti-fungal regimen  is given if warranted.
  • Repeat Trans-Rectal Ultrasound (TRUS) when applicable for patients with an Enlarged Prostate.

    Prostate Massage should be done by an experience physician. Prostate Massage is a technique that has to be learned and a skill that has to be developed. A variation in technique and skill could spell a difference at times in terms of the volume of Prostate Fluid that is expressed from the glands and the effectiveness of the Prostate Massage, which is the most essential component of an adequate diagnosis and treatment.

Significance of an adequate Prostate Massage:
  1. Prostate Massage drains the infected Prostate Fluid from the thousands of  individual glands within the Prostate.
  2. It dilutes the harmful organisms as new fluid replenishes these individual glands after the massage.
  3. It allows new White Blood Cell/WBC (soldiers of the body) to enter the various glands together with the new fluid, allowing the WBC to destroy the organisms. Thus, Prostate Massage in itself is curative.
  4. It opens up clogged pockets or glands.
  5. It relaxes contracted smooth muscles of the Prostate for a freer flow of urine and may also increase the blood flow to promote healing and repair of damaged tissues.
  6. It allows antibiotics to enter the Prostate glands as new fluid refills the glands after the massage.
  7. Periodic Maintenance Massage allows us to periodically throw the infected prostate fluid, thus preventing the accumulation or concentration of organisms in the Prostate glands.

Follow-up Prostate Care entails:
    - We recommend a Periodic Maintenance Prostate Massage for all adult men to keep a healthier Prostate. It is like periodically throwing the garbage in ones Prostate to prevent it from accumulating. Whatever cures Prevents.