This clinic is the brainchild of Dr. Emmanuel L. Sta. Cruz, M.D. and the product of his 27 years of experience in the field of Genitourinary and Prostatitis management. Since the clinic's inception, he continues to be its medical director.
    Way back in 1989 when Prostatitis treatment  was introduced to Dr. Sta. Cruz, he did not have the slightest idea on the significance and the vastness of the Disease Spectrum of Prostatitis other than it being an infection or inflammation of the Prostate Gland, as Prostatitis was not given due importance in medical school. Dr. Thomas Stamey, a urologist from Stanford University, called Prostatitis a wastebasket of clinical ignorance. Prostatitis has been called a bastard child. Dr. Nickel a professor of urology in Kingston University called it a 'black sheep' of Prostate diseases. Dr. Sta. Cruz called it an Orphan.
    Either way you look at it, Prostatitis is like a neglected child. There were hardly any doctors who focused on diagnosing and treating Prostatitis way back then because customarily, Prostate Problems are relegated to Urology which is a surgical field.  Their focus when it comes to Prostate Problem was either on Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) or Prostate Cancer since both are deemed to have significant chance of a surgical management. On the other hand, Prostatitis which is basically non-surgical has received dismal attention as the prescribed diagnostic test is not being routinely done. Thus, this has made Prostatitis the most undiagnosed and untreated Prostate Disease which is ironic because Prostatitis is said to be the root cause of the two surgical Prostate Diseases.   
    Early on, Dr. Sta. Cruz saw the vastness of the spectrum of Prostatitis Disease process which causes Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS), Prostate Enlargement, Infertility, Erectile Dysfunction, Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS), Elevated PSA and its potential to cause Prostate Cancer, thus he realized that Prostatitis treatment clearly merits attention and requires a full time job. Its scope is far too vast to be incorporated in another specialty.
    So, Dr. Sta. Cruz focused his medical practice solely in the field of Genitourinary Medicine and established this clinic in 1992. Since then, he has been treating men with Prostate Problems due to Prostatitis and their sequelae, together with their partners, who would have a concomitant Cervicitis, to avoid reinfection among partners.   
    It is the potential of Genitourinary infection to do irreparable harm, to both men and women, that has driven Dr. Sta. Cruz to pursue the knowledge to better understand the intricacies of Genitourinary and Prostatitis Treatment in the hope of saving men from unnecessary Prostate operations, biopsies and the indignities that come with Prostate Disease and its potential to cause Prostate Cancer.
     In 1996, Dr. Sta. Cruz has sought and ventured for a better choice of treatment for Prostatitis sufferers. He funded his own inquisition and managed patients' courses of treatment free of charge for seven years, that he may see the demarcation line between a Prostate problem that would require surgery against a Prostate problem that cannot be solved by surgery or a non-surgical case. This has given him a better understanding and a unique perspective in Genitourinary and Prostate Disease treatment.    
    This has validated the importance of Prostate Massage in the treatment of an Enlarged Prostate and Elevated PSA, with the longest longevity of its cure on his patients lasting twenty years and thirteen years, respectively and still counting. Likewise, his experiences has shown the importance of Prostate Massage in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, infection-associated male Infertility and Pain Syndrome (CPPS).
    There is no doubt on the value of Prostate Massage as the mainstay in Prostatitis treatment as this has been in practice since 1893 even before antibiotics were discovered. This has also been validated by various studies. Who then can say what is and what is not, if one has no knowledge in treating Prostatitis, more so with one who is not experienced in doing Prostate Massage?
    Dr. Emmanuel L. Sta. Cruz's Principles of Prostatitis Management are based on his experiences in managing over four thousand eight hundred Prostatitis patients and having done around one hundred fifty thousand Prostate Massages in his 27 years of practice. A great majority of his patients came from word of mouth of patients he has previously treated. He has published a book entitled "Genitourinary and Prostate Health" in Dec 2014.
    Furthermore, Dr. Sta. Cruz has advanced his experience by backing this up with the use of a very comprehensive test for the diagnosis and treatment of Genitourinary infection and developed and maintained a team of highly qualified registered Medical Technologists with our chief Medtech having more than 21 years of experience in specialised microbiological diagnostic testing.
    He has shared his knowledge and experience to his son Dr. John Michael Sta. Cruz, M.D., together with Dr. Kevin Co, M.D., who have recently completed their preceptorship training in Genitourinary and Prostatitis management and has taught them the technique of Prostate Massage and helped them develop their skill with our indigent patients.
    These two young doctors together with associate doctor, Joselito Milan, M.D., are welcome additions to help Dr. Sta. Cruz and his advocacy in providing a non-surgical choice of treatment among Prostate sufferers, giving infertile couples with infection-associated infertility an avenue of a more comprehensive treatment option, treating Erectile Dysfunction by addressing its most common natural cause and the prevention of the progression of Prostate Disease through Periodic maintenance Prostate Massage.
    This clinic hopes to continue the advancement of the science in Prostate Disease management and hopefully prevent the development of Prostate Cancer as well as to continue to train more Genitourinary Doctors around the world, to give Prostatitis sufferers the opportunity to adequately address their problem early on. 
    But as of now, it is sad to say that, despite his twenty eighth year in practice, there is still  a scarcity of doctors who are addressing this problem, and even more so, those doctors who are adept at doing Prostate Massage. It's about time that Prostatitis gets a home of its own where it can be given full attention that it deserves in the field of Genitourinary Medicine or Genitology.
    We hope that the medical world would soon recognize the need for Genitourinary doctors who are focused, trained and experienced in handling Genitourinary infections in both men and women including Prostatitis treatment for men. Otherwise, Prostatitis will continue to be the most undiagnosed and untreated Prostate Disease and their sequela will go unimpeded.
    This clinic is committed to providing our patients with utmost care, to the best of our abilities but with our human limitations as well as the limitations of science. After all, nobody has monopoly of knowledge.

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